Pediatric Nutrition Telehealth 

Nutrition care provided as Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) is integral to the management and treatment of many pediatric medical conditions. Our program extends beyond nutrition education, focusing on disease management through proper nutrition. Pediatric Nutrition Telehealth Community of Care (PNT), helps nutrition providers throughout the state develop their skills in pediatric nutrition assessment, MNT, counseling, and working with individuals on treatment goals, thereby increasing access to medical nutrition therapy for pediatric patients in rural and underserved areas of New Mexico.

Monthly didactic presentations of twenty minutes guide participants through best-practice guidelines for pediatric nutrition screening, assessment, and therapy for each distinct stage of pediatrics in the lifecycle. The didactic sessions are followed by case consultations from healthcare providers.

To request a case consultation, contact Michelle Widener at 505.925.7840 or


Download the PNT Case Consultation Request Form

Download the Case Consultation Request Guidelines

Download the  New Mexico Pediatric Nutrition Referral Guide